Item of the Day: Lagos

In Item of the Day, What's New by Jeff Prine

ampersandDolce & Gabbana. Marks & Spencer. Tiffany & Co., R&B, and P&L.

When you’re talking about corporate togetherness, the ampersand (a corruption of the phrase “and (&) per se and”) is something of an iconic symbol.

And, in one of his latest charm additions, designer Steven Lagos pays tribute to this universal sign of togetherness, as in His & Hers–if you want to get romantic about it.

And why not? Sampson and Delilah, Romeo & Juliet, and Taylor & Burton. You get the picture. With layering being so key these days in delicate pendants, Lagos’ sterling silver “&” helps keep them together.

Worn singly, the versatile symbol might well convey: “And what’s next?”

Or even “And else is next?”

Retail: $225

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