Item of the Day: KIN

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kin2In this social media-obsessed world we all live in, connections are key. Whether it’s LinkedIn or Facebook, everyone seems to scramble to network with those longtime friends, business acquaintances or potential paramours.

This emphasis on being connected has inspired New York-based designer Karan Mehta in his “urban luxury jewelry” collection called KIN.

kin“Our avant-garde designs celebrate the idea that all human beings are connected. That we are all KIN,” he says. “When I began developing the designs for the brand, I wanted to create a unique interaction between metals that celebrates and inspires unique interactions between people. These elements, combined with elegance and urban tastes sparked the birth of KIN’s first interconnected ring line – combinations of three or four rings connected to form one ring.”

The sterling silver rings in KIN are composed of four-linked rings: two high-polished sterling silver and two black rhodium plated sterling silver with approximately 2.40 carats of white topaz. The links are 14K gold plated.

And you and your web of friends thought there was nothing new in stack rings.

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