Item of the Day: Kimberly Lynn 10-In-1 Handbag

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If you ever wished your handbag could do more, like morph into 9 additional shapes more, then check out the 10-in-1 Handbag from Kimberly Lynn Accessories.

Made from top grain leather it has been designed so they can easily change the style from a tote, to a shoulder bag, to a crossbody bag and even a backpack. We discovered this leather transformable wonder at WWDMAGIC, and were definitely impressed. The secret to converting the shapes lies the center pleat bars on the front and back sides of the bag. The straps disconnect and reconnect in new spots, but the pleats hide the connections, making it all look seamless.

The line is created and run by a father and daughter team. Award-winning designer Cary Kraft has more than 40 years’ experience creating accessories for top brands. His daughter Kimberly Lynn Kraft learned about art and design from him in Laguna Beach, inspiring her to create her own fashion line.

The 10-in-1 bag retails for $198 for the plain leather styles, and $218 with attached handbag metal ornaments.”

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