Item of the Day: KaKyCo Patriotic Accessories

In Item of the Day, What's New by Lauren Parker, Accessories Magazine

If you’re like most of us, you’re busy planning your July 4th, from where you’ll watch the fireworks to what you’ll cook on the BBQ. And with the 4th falling on a Wednesday, we expect the festivities to be an extended affair, possibly spanning two weekends, so it’s especially important that you have a bunch of different patriotic accessories planned out!

KaKyCo 4th of July

We particularly like the flag items from hat company KaKyCo (pronouned (Ka-Kai-Ko), which are versatile to wear in a variety of ways over the extended period. Wear the “fireworks” pin (above) in your hair, on your hat or on your outfit. Wrap the hat bands around a different hat every day.  And the flag bandanas have endless uses, tied on a neck, wrist, handbag or even as a makeshift napkin.

Besides, red, white and blue Americana is a hot theme these days, so these items have a shelf life that will last long past the holiday.

Happy Fourth of July!

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