Hickey Lipstick Necklace

Item of the Day: Hickey Lipstick Necklace

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If you’re like us, you’ve chipped many a manicure rummaging through the black hole of your handbag for your lipstick. Lips, one. Nails, zero. To even the score and rethink the way women keep track of their lipsticks, beauty brand Hickey has created a line that can hang on necklaces as a piece of jewelry.

Hickey Lipsticks features three matte shades of lipstick (Perfect Red, Nothing But Nude and Hot, Hot Pink) that can be transformed into a necklace with a black ribbon or a gold chain, both included with each purchase. The case is also reusable, and refills will be available soon, according to the company.

Lipsticks are $39 each or $99 for the trio.


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