Item of the Day: Heike Jarick Gloves

In Item of the Day, What's New by Lauren Parker

Heike Jarick The other day temperatures were below freezing, yesterday they were in the 50s, and tomorrow… well, who the heck knows?

And more importantly, how are we going to dress for it? Global warming is wreaking havoc not just on weather patterns, but on our whole method of accessorizing!

When the temps swing more than 50 degrees in one day, it’s best to be prepared with breathable, yet stylish options. So we’re lucky to have found these lovely perforated leather fingerless gloves by Heike Jarick–a German-born, London-schooled, Milan-trained and globally focused fashion designer living in New York City.

They’re winter-friendly in deep black, text-friendly with fingerless coverage, and long enough to wear under a coat or even a sleeveless dress.

Hey, offices can get pretty toasty, even in the dead of winter!

Retail, $100.


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