Item of the Day: Fenomena Jewelry

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While Colombia is known for its vibrant colors, the jewelry of Colombian-based jewelry line Fenomena just celebrates green…as in emeralds.

After all, Colombia is famous for its emeralds, but jewelry company Fenomena Jewelry puts a unique twist on them. Created 5 years ago in Colombia by designer Alejandra Llano, the pre-Colombian-inspired jewelry uses mostly raw, unpolished emeralds, adding a literal rough edge.

Fenomena jewelry is “inspired by the beauty and the mystery of pre-Colombian figures, and the rich and colorful handcrafted art of the indigenous tribes in Colombia.”

Raw emeralds are caged in wire, or tipped on wire bundles, or placed on flat metal surfaces. Each piece is 100% handcrafted in Colombia utilizing 24kt gold-plated brass (nickel free), or silver-plated brass.

Fenomena is a new exhibitor at AccessoriesTheShow, Booth #3423.

Around Cartagena.. the “treasure city” of Colombia

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