Eugenia Kim

Item of the Day: Eugenia Kim Hats

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Eugenia Kim

This Memorial Day Weekend, we are going incognito. We’re turning off our work phone (don’t tell our boss), grabbing just our closest friends, and going to TRY to stay off social media for at least the whole, half, quarter of the weekend. Ok, an hour, tops!

Either way, we’re wearing this big UNDERCOVER floppy hat from Eugenia Kim, so we can hide out on the beach in plain sight.

But come Monday, we’ll be ready to step back out into the fashion spotlight for whatever party we get invited to, and we’re going to do it in this adorable denim beret with sequined lips and little cig. Even though it is tres French, it still captures the Americana red, white and blue just perfectly!

Straw hat, $465; denim beret, $215.

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