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eyewear-SHINE-carbon-fiber-Has anyone ever remarked that you have a “sparkle in your eyes”?

It’s not something everyone possess though Italian design firm Dome Gioielli recently introduced its own eyewear collection, one featuring its signature rendering of carbon fiber set with baguette diamonds.

Dome is a bit of an upstart. The company uses traditional precious materials, such as 18K and diamonds and combines it with innovative fibers, such as carbon, titanium, linen and cashmere. Dome particularly excels in its distinctive version of carbon fiber jewelry, accessories and now eyewear. Instead of looking like a patchwork weave found in auto racing cars and watch dials, Dome reimagines carbon fiber—“decontextualized and unstructured” is how the designer describes it.

“The beauty is that the carbon fiber takes on the look of wood grain. The fiber loses its original appearance taking on a new ‘wooden look’ albeit preserving its main characteristics: lightness and strength.” In its bid for artistic experimentation, designer Simone Todini and his team have conjured up fiber version of jewelry set with precious stones and diamonds, accessories (credit card case, cigar holder, Murano glassware all bedecked in gold and diamonds).

eyewear SHINE carbon fiber and diamond - lat

One of the latest endeavors is this Shine eyewear, composted of carbon fiber (black), 18K rose gold and accented with four baguette-cut diamonds. Its hinges also are 18K rose gold and it holds blue 15% gradient Japanese lenses.

Like the rest of the Dome collection, Shine straddles two world: innovation/high tech and precious jewelry touches. The balance is what Todini manages so well: they are statements without being flashy.

Retail: $5,250

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