DinnerWear Jewelry

Item of the Day: DinnerWear Jewelry

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DinnerWear Jewelry

One person’s trash is another’s…jewelry?

Designer Mary-Ann Wood and her company DinnerWear Jewelry creatures treasures out of discarded antique china plates, cups and saucers that are chipped, cracked or broken. The sentimental memories from these vintage or more recently owned items? Preserved forever.

“The jewelry pieces I craft aren’t just one-of-a-kinds and beautiful, they carry great sentimental value to the wearer,” Wood said. “They are worn, shared and passed on. The fact that each piece has been made by hand from a china piece that’s probably been in the family for years or even generations only makes it that much more special. It’s very gratifying for me and the customer.”

DinnerWear Jewelry

While creating jewelry from broken China shards isn’t entirely new, Wood’s point of differentiation is that she cuts out key elements like flowers or birds. Not surprisingly, there is a strong bridal hook as well, making a great gift for the mother of the bride or as an accent item pinned to the bride’s bouquet.

DinnerWear Jewelry

A relative’s personal dinnerwear items can also be repurposed as a custom project, like these pendants (above) made from a deceased grandmother’s teacups and gifted to members of the family as pendants.

Retails range from $78 for a pendant and $95 for a pair of earrings.


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