David Aubrey Jewelry

Item of the Day: David Aubrey Jewelry

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David Aubrey Jewelry

If you’ve looked at Instagram lately, because, well, you’re human…you’ll discover a heightened propensity for bold, flat colors. Retail and museum spaces are responding, with highly Instagrammable displays and rooms that immerse visitors in color. But we’re seeing this effect spill over into fashion as well, where wearable items become works of art unto themselves.

So we’re loving the earrings (and entire jewelry line truth be told) from David Aubrey for that very reason.

President and Chief Designer Jennifer Arago says this about the bold mostly monochromatic pieces: “People appreciate our collections not because they are trendy, but because each piece is a work of art in its own right. For me, that is the greatest compliment of all. The goal is to strike that perfect synergy of shapes, shades, and textures and deliver distinct and unexpected combinations.”

David Aubrey will be showing at AccessoriesTheShow June 10-12 at Susan + Co. showroom.

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