Item of the Day: Catbird

In Item of the Day, What's New by Jeff Prine

lovecat3Meow! Meow! Time of celebrate National Cat Day.

That’s the sound that warms the hearts of millions of pet owners who love the purrs and antics of their feline pets. (Interestingly, cats only meow to humans, not other cats).

It’s no wonder we hear stories all the time about people–usually the stereotypical quiet little old lady–who hoard cats. It’s strange but most cat lovers might say they identify.

Better to hoard cat-themed jewelry, we say! In particular these Lovecats rings from Catbird Jewelry.

“After years of longing for a cat-inspired ring (we are Catbird, after all), each and every jeweler in our studio pitched in and made a sample cat ring. We chose this fellow cause he’s awfully wearable, and oh so stackable. Adopt a litter today!” says the Brooklyn-based Catbird which makes the bronze ring in their studios.

catbird2Alone or stacked with other bands…or better yet with more Catbird rings, hoard away!

Retail: $32

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