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Item of the Day: Camp Hero Belts

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Camp HeroDid Wes Anderson’s Instagram-hued Moonrise Kingdom make you want to time-travel back to summer camp in the 60s? Well, now is your chance.

Established in 2012, Camp Hero is an all-American accessories line inspired by vintage souvenir belts and road-side Americana. Soft leather, bright beads and historic sites make up the unisex line handcrafted by designers Dan Schneier and Allie Sprio-Winn.

Named after New York’s Montauk state park, Camp Hero’s beaded belts evoke a pastel-painted nostalgia reminiscent of childhood trips and vintage native America. Handcrafted in Manhattan’s garment district, Camp Hero’s accessories nevertheless evoke a Southwestern-inspired style. With belts reading Austin, Malibu and Montauk, there’s a beaded buddy for everyone.

Retail: $165

By Taylore Scarabelli

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