Item of the Day: C3fit Paper Fiber Socks

In Item of the Day, What's New by Jeff Prine

papersocksYou’re heard of folks walking on sunshine, or walking on eggshells, but paper?

Now you can. Goldwin America Inc. just introduced these C3fit Arch-Support Socks made from paper fiber available starting March 2016.

Why paper?

“From the ancient times in Japan, where the weather was often humid, paper was used in many household products to remove moisture and bacteria. We’ve utilized this material and ancient practice to develop technical running socks with high breathability. Paper yarn of the paper fiber socks reduce stickiness from sweat and wick away moisture to keep the foot comfortable. Paper fiber is made by twisting and weaving shreds of paper, which creates unique texture that do not stick to the skin. This significantly reduces the likelihood of getting blisters caused by the sock material rubbing the skin. The paper fiber material is tested to provide 5 times more tolerance against rubbing compared to regular running socks,” the company says.

Close up of paper fiber

Close up of paper fiber

The ankle socks pictured here come in three sizes and in off-white, navy and gray. The yarns consist of 49% Nylon, 25% Other fiber (paper fiber), 22% Polyester and 4% Polyurethane.”…The write stuff?

C3fit Paper Fiber Arch Support Short Socks (photo: right) Retail: $29

C3fit Paper Fiber Ankle Socks (photo: left) Retail: $ 24

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