Item of the Day: Ban.dō

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bandoThe omnipresent smartphones are starting to have their own year-round wardrobes.

While it’s fun to brag about your new iPhone 6S and other gadgets, covering them up with fashionable, fun and funky covers is just as important.

Just ask the teens and tweens who use their phone cases are messages to friends, cliques and frenemies.

Ban.dō, which caters to this audience with an array of gift/accessories items, comes to the rescue with a dress-up for Valentine’s Day.

Here is Ban.dō’s three-dimensional silicone drip mold case. “It is like Cupid’s arrow, but way more effective. It’s really like Cupid stole your phone, wrapped it in a love magnet, and slipped it back in your bag,” advises the company.

What a “Love Ninja” that Cupid is.

Retail: $32