Item of the Day: Amorim New York

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amorim2Have you ever had your palm read? Some swear by it. The dominant hand provides insight into your work life and how your present yourself to the world. The other hand is for examining personal relationships, dreams and emotional struggles.

Some think it’s a lot of hocus pocus. In either case, there’s no doubting that Amorim New York has something a little magical up its sleeve…or across a palm.

You may have seen jewelry that goes around your wrist and fingers, or multiple fingers, maybe even around the middle of your hand but nothing like this.

amorimInstead the dew drop-like vine in this wrap hand piece slides in between your fingers and wraps around your hand from the palm to create a truly dramatic statement. Made with 925 sterling silver that is plated in rose gold and set with CZ crystals, this palm cuff may look like it cost a fortune but it doesn’t. It’s a glamour item, all the better to draw attention to you as you text away on your iPhone.

And no one will be interested in seeing the lines in your palm with this baby wrapped around it.

Retail: $158

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