Amato Style

Item of the Day: Amato Style

In Item of the Day, What's New by Lauren Parker, Accessories Magazine

Sometimes all the present needs is the past to make a perfect future. That’s the philosophy behind Amato Style, a new jewelry line created by Nicole Amato.

The luxury line features leather-tied lariats with gold jewelry elements at the center and tips. Wrapped, it has a layered necklace feel, but can also be wrapped again for a choker look. The leather is raw-edged for an unfinished feel, which balances beautifully against the elegant jewelry portion.

“This collection celebrates the woman who seeks to be strong, independent AND beautiful while making her mark,” says Amato, about the line which also includes belts and other jewelry items like bold cuffs.

The jewelry and belts shown above retail for $750 (lariats), and $555 to $595 (belts).

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