Item of the Day: Allison Mitchell Clutches

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Allison Mitchell Clutches handbagsModels have been walking down the runways lately with large clutches all squished up in their hands, and Allison Mitchell’s radical, oversized clutches offer the perfect opportunity to try this on your own.

Over 17-inches long and folded in half for increased dimension, these giant, unstructured clutches make a statement in their material, color and boldness.

From smooth hair calf in canary yellow or magenta; embossed hair calf with ostrich patterns or zebra stripes; or fire engine red fish skins, these clutches are not for the fashion shy.

And if the outsides weren’t bold enough, the insides are all lined with authentic silk kimono fabric from Japan. “I love things that are deconstructed and minimal, but still make a statement,” says the Dallas-based designer who came to the handbag industry via a marketing background. “These might appear simple at first, but the inside kimono details, as well as the fact that everything is handmade in the U.S. and one-of-a-kind, make them truly special.”

Mitchell is no one-note designer, however, and she is building a line of soft, unstructured totes with closures that give the item unique folds.

Retails: $875 for large hair calf clutches and $1,250 to $2,875 for the fish skin.

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