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Zoe and MorganItem of the Day: Zoe and Morgan

Who wouldn’t want to be the Queen of Now?

Inspired by Queen Isis (an ancient Egyptian goddess) and named the Queen of Now (for the queen/goddess you are today!), the necklace by Zoe and Morgan will let your inner goddess fly free.

Representing by strength, power and femininity, jewelry company Zoe and Morgan (created by New Zealand-born siblings who bring their exotic childhood world travels to their work). Now based in England, Zoe and Morgan continues to honor their travels with touches of ancient cultures.

Papyrus_Painting_Isis_AlphabetThis necklace, made from 22-karat gold plated over bronze, sits wide on the neck and is centered by a triangular piece of lapis lazuli, referencing the ancient pyramids. Isis is often represented with her wings spread wide (see papyrus painting at right).

Retail: $617


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