Item of the Day: Handbag Butler

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Handbag ButlerItem of the Day: Handbag Butler

If you’re like us, you really do get a charge out of getting a new handbag.

What about getting a charge directly from the bag? It’s called Mighty Purse by Handbag Butler, a handy zippered leather clutch purse that conceals a lithium-ion polymer battery that can—yes—recharge your smartphone (or tablet computer, Kindle or Kobo!).

How many times have you be stuck on the go with dwindling power on your mobile phone…unable to tweet, Instagram or text message? (Heaven forbid). Scrambling to find someone—anyone—with a recharger and an electrical plug?

Each Mighty Purse comes with adaptor cable, charging cable and USB re-charge cable and adaptors for iPhones 4 and 5. The battery has the charge capacity to recharge your smart device more than twice before needing to be recharged itself. An LED charge indicator tells you how much power is left in the purse. And the Mighty Purse has functions you would find in similar pouches: a credit card pocket, zippered coin compartment as well as a hidden cable compartment.

Suggested retail: $99.95


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