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ChiloteIf you haven’t stepped into the whole Fair Trade phenomenon, here’s your chance to tip toe into it comfortably. Chilote House Shoes are hand knitted in Patagonia  from natural free range sheep’s wool by groups of women artisans.

The soles of the house slippers are made from “up-cycled and repurposed” salmon leather, a by-product of the local fishing industry and are completely renewable. (There’s nothing fishy about these soles either, they are soft and flexible like suede yet their scaly pattern resembles exotic leather.)

Chilote slippers come in three unisex sizes and basically stretch to fit much like a sweater does. They are packaged inside recycled cardboard tubes, each one printed with a QR code that accesses information about the artisan group who hand crafted your particular pair. In fact, it shows the artisans’ exact location on a map of Chile.

You’d have to agree, this sure sounds like a cozy little business.

Suggested retail: $65