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Lillybee UniversityItem of the Day: Lillybee University

Pretty soon there will be a Fall chill in the air, the college kids will be back in their dorms and school sports will be upon us.

And that means one thing: gameday tailgates!

If you’ve ever gone to a university with a big sports team (or visited someone who does), you’ll know that school colors are not something to be taken lightly! If you don’t want to paint your face, say, gold and blue (Go Blue!), then slip on a pair of collegiate flats from Lillybee University.

Dubbed Tailgate Toes, these comfy shoes coordinate with respective school colors but are stylish on their own as stripes are a huge fashion trend of the moment.

Lillybee University is the brainchild of Kassie Rempel, an admitted shoe-freak and born-and-bred Carolina fan. She sold her e-commerce shoe boutique, SimplySoles, in 2012, to focus on her new passion–“footwear for fans.”  While it’s true she “technically” created the line just so she’d look spiritedly stylish at the Dean Dome, she is thrilled to be able to share the collection with fans of all sorts (Duke perhaps excluded).

The bi-color striped shoes (available in whole sizes from 6-11) retail for $48. Fans can also accessorize their flats with one of three shoe-clip options; solid colored bows ($15), solid colored bows with school mascots ($18) or round enamel shoe clips with the school lettering ($28).

As many schools share colors, the shoes target a huge variety of fans. In fact, according to IMG College, there are 78 million female college sports fans, more than any other major sports league.

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