Item of the Day: ShedRain

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ShedRain  Item of the Day: ShedRain

t’s hot as heck here in New York City (and everywhere else), and surely everyone is nursing their July 4th sunburns this workweek.

But as any dermatologist will tell you, we don’t just get skin damage and skin cancer from the beach, those rays follow us on the street as well. (One dermatologist was quoted in a skincare article saying you can always spot a dermatologist because they’re the ones zig-zagging across the street to stay in the shade.)

Well, now you can stay in the shade all the time with this UPF 50+ sun umbrella by ShedRain. Another plus, it keeps you about 10 degrees cooler underneath! Definitely would’ve come in handy in the Baked Apple this weekend in 90+ degree weather!

If you travel to Asia, you will see people walking everywhere with fancy parasols or just more basic sun umbrellas. Time to make this a trend here as well! Your skin with thank you!

Also good for those unexpected sun showers!

Retail: $36

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