Item of the Day: Cullen Meyer

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Cullen Meyer "The Waltz"Item of the Day: Cullen Meyer

All things old are new again.

This is no doubt the mantra of Cullen Meyer, whose love and expertise for all things old made him the Vintage Editor of Fashion and Interiors at WGSN, a London-based fashion forecasting company.

What’s the next logical step for the “Crown Prince of Kitsch?” Fashion designer.

Wrap yourself in a colorful and eye-catching fusion of art, history and pop culture with one of Meyer’s handmade original scarves. Our favorite is called the Waltz (shown here), with its mesmerizing print of grotesque dancers.

Inspired by early 19th and 20th century caricatures, publications and satires and made from silk, cotton, and wool blends, these scarves will have you looking  the smartest—and most stylish—person in the room.

Suggested retail: $75

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