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May28th InstaWatchIn celebration of the start of May, there is no better day to boast about two of our current obsessions/things that take up TIME in our day–May28th watches, and Instagram.

You may be asking yourself  how in the world these two tie into each other, but just hold your #hashtags horses we’ve got some exciting news for you. May28th, the watch brand that season after season brings every unexpected color combo and print to your wrist, is taking their watch prints to the next level with…(drumroll) the InstaWatch.

With just a few simple clicks, you can rock your favorite Instagram snaps right on your wrist. Just upload your favorite photo to their site, select the color band that compliments your X-Pro, Lo-Fi, Toaster filtered image the best and voila!, your custom InstaWatch is ready to be shipped (see below for demo). There quite simply isn’t enough room to include all of the hashtags we’d like to list to explain how #excited we are about @May28th‘s #instawatch.


Retail $44;


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