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Renen Fraction copySometimes it’s hard to decide what we love best: sleek real snakeskin, color blocking or geometric patchwork patterns. Luckily, with this new Fall 2013 bag by Palethorp, we don’t need to choose.

This Renen Fraction style is all those things wrapped into one. Throw in the fact that the bag is big enough for an overnight or weekend trip, and you’ll be researching nearby B&B’s just for an excuse to use it!

The Brooklyn-based line is created by Maggie Copeland, who previously worked at L.A.M.B. and Foley + Corinna. Overall, the line features a blend of upscale materials with a downtown vibe, from waxed snakeskin to black studs.

The graphic design of this bag is one part quilt, one part kaleidoscope, and is just pitch perfect in up-to-the-moment black and white.

Better get that B&B on speed dial!

Retail: $395; email for info.

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