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Comes with BaggageSay whaaaaaat?

If you ever thought Comes with Baggage was a negative phrase, you haven’t checked out these cute bags by… Comes with Baggage.

Created by Lori Levine, who owns celeb/brand marketing firm Flying Television, the vintage clutches were simply a “blank canvas” for her to place all her quotes. “My friends call them Lori-isms,” Levine laughs. “They’re always quoting me.”

From quotes like “What You Curse Today, You Will Worship Tomorrow” (which flew out of Levine’s mouth while a friend was complaining about her kid), to @wifey (created for a bridal pop-up shop at Kleinfield’s in a fun Twitter reference), the quotes are sure to get people talking. (Another bridal fave? “White is the New Black.”)

WIFEY_WHITE_FRONTComes With Baggage’s mission statement is to “unearth incredible bags that deserve to be seen and heard, not stashed and forgotten.” And her celebrity connections have certainly come in handy getting these patent, snake and leather bags into the right hands.

Bags retail for $239.












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