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In Item of the Day, What's New by Jeff Prine

Mi PiaciMany designers hold the notion that their ideas are pure gold. Mi Piaci, a new Italian-inspired handbag and luxurygoods collection, can truly claim to be pure gold. In fact, its signature collection of handbags are made with 24-karat (pure) gold.

Using a patented “nano-technology” called Precious Surface, Mi Piaci desposits atoms of pure gold from bullion slabs onto its Italian leathers and furs. The process doesn’t alter the natural texture and hand of the surface but gives it a rich gilt look. Unlike plating, gold leaf or gold foil, the 24K gold won’t rub off, even after years of wear.

The company even provides a certificate of authenticity from SGS, the well known independent Swiss company, guaranteeing 24K gold has been used in manufacturing.

For fall/winter, Mi Piaci is offering a limited collection of furs which also has 24K gold infused in them thanks to Precious Surface.

The 24K gold alligator clutch pictured here comes with a precious pricetag, too: $6,095. But considering gold is at $1,562.75 an ounce this afternoon, the 24K gold bag is a relative bargain.

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