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beachwear1Here’s a familiar scene while packing for a trip—the suitcase is open on the floor with you dumping the entire contents of your closet inside of it while also praying that the darn thing will zip (because you DO need to bring every swimsuit you own).

While packing for a vacation is never a picnic, it can certainly be easier and faster with the Flight 001 Go Clean pack bags.

These colorful nylon drawstring bags are perfectly designed for the disorganized diva and are available for all of the vacation essentials including beach wear, shoes, sandals, laundry, lingerie, gym gear and plain ol’ “stuff.” Conveniently labeled, you’ll never have to perform the dreaded bag dump on the bed to find what you’re looking for.

And once the packing drama is finally over, it’s nothing but clear skies ahead.

Suggested retail: $16 to $52



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