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Phunkee TreeIn our quest to keep our high tech accessories as fashion forward as rest of our outfits and accessories, we couldn’t help but climb the Phunkee Tree. No, it’s not some new botanical discovery from the rain forest, but an entrepreneurial firm that makes the most mundane phone/tablet/computer cords and chargers into something extraordinary.

There are dozens of styles to choose from: solid glitters, animal prints, smiley faces, skulls, polka dots, camouflage, tribal and plaids (you already know how we feel about plaid and tartans for fall). Any of these designs can be found on iPhone, iPod and iPad chargers (including the hard-to-find chargers for iPhone 5). Why there are even matching iPhone 4 and 5 cases, too.

So since your smartphone is being viewed as a status symbol (let’s face it we check out what our friends are carrying), there’s all the more reason to make sure your phone’s accessories are updated and stylish, too.

Suggested retail: $29.99

Ph: 631-365-1669

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