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untitledEver wished that you had the x-ray vision of Superman?

Well you can stop dreaming because the newest designs from Thursday Friday will have you seeing like a superhero. Fashioned to look like you’ve come fresh off the heist of your lifetime (of a certain quilted designer handbag), these charming totes are half angel half devil and completely captivating.

Large enough to carry all you need for a busy day with an inner pocket just for your smart phone this tote will keep you organized while on the go. The largest version may even have enough space to fit in a few Ming vases should the situation arise…

heist bag 2
Made from 100% cotton canvas with straps long enough to fit comfortably on your shoulder, Thursday Friday has created a whimsical everyday tote that will give you a glimpse into what x-ray vision is actually like.

Bonus points if you fill your bag with exactly what’s depicted on the image!

Super Together Heist Tote, retail $90;


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