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SpiritHoodsNot all those loud jeers you hear are coming from disgruntled Oscars viewers expressing their displeasure with this year’s host Seth MacFarlane. That “jeer, jeer” could be from your friendly neighborhood Blue Jay, the North American songbird known for its bright blue, white and black feathers.

Blue Jays, in fact, are quite remarkable birds, known for their intelligence and complex social systems with tight family bonds. They are “curious beings that love to communicate and learn about the ways of the world,” say the folks at SpiritHoods, the Los Angeles-based company that mimics the look of wildlife in their range of hooded scarves.

The Blue Jay SpiritHood is one of their latest additions. Made from 100% acrylic faux fir, the one-size-fits-all hood covers the head and has about 25-inches of scarf complete with handy pockets for your mobile phone, wallet or a bunch of acorns (Blue Jay’s favorite food).

Besides paying a fashionable yet practical tribute to wildlife with the SpiritHoods, the company donates 10% of net profits directly to the conservation of endangered species. That’s something to crow about.

Suggested retail: $109

Ph: 213-542-5550



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