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Stewart/StandIf you are said to have “steely determination,” you probably have an unflinching resolve to get things done. That characteristic can be found at Steward/Stand, a small leathergoods company that has been campaigning to get stainless steel as a material of choice.

They have been successful in getting men to accept stainless steel in their accessories, now the company is touting their brand of sleek steel for women’s small leathergoods, even some handbag styles.

But don’t get the notion that these steely wallets are cold and rigid like a steel girder. “We prefer to say they are ‘tactile,’” says Paul Stewart-Stand, founder and president. Indeed the small leathergoods have an almost fabric-like feel, or as in the case of this wallet, a crocodile skin-like texture.

Besides being very durable, naturally luminous and stain resistant, the wallet also boasts an interior that protects from RFID theft.

Suggested retail: $149.50

Ph: 718-407-4197

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