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icetrayNobody looks particularly fabulous while sticking her head in the freezer on a scorching summer day. And if you ever stupidly asked: “Mom, are hot flashes really that bad?” you’re probably still dealing with her very unpleasant response.

So what’s a hot gal to do?

Look calm, cool and collected with Hot Girls Pearls, the first and only frozen fashion accessory that provides natural cooling relief for anything that has you all hot and bothered.

Perfect for the smart and savvy fashionista, Hot Girls Pearls, available in white, blush and gunmetal, are disguised as a classically chic oversized strand. The pearls are filled with a nontoxic cooling gel (the same used in ice packs) that instantly lowers high body temperatures caused by menopause, anxiety or heat waves.

Is it getting hot in here? Pop your pearls in the freezer for an even more refreshing chill or in the included neoprene insulated travel purse, complete with ice pad, to keep you super cool while on the go.

Pretty cool, huh?

Suggested retail: $56 to $60 for necklaces, $32 for bracelets

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