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Jane Basch double name necklaceEver realize how we’ve turned into an egocentric society? iPhone, iPod, iPad, I, I, I, me, me, me!

We often walk around wearing our names around our necks, as if we needed a reminder. We’re not saying we haven’t fallen victim to this, there’s an initial strung around the neck as we type, but it’s pretty refreshing when you suddenly see a “shared” design. Shared design, yes you heard right.

We instantly fell for (the Queen of monogram) Jane Basch’s latest design, the ‘double name’ necklace.   How special we thought, we get to share ourselves with a best friend (new take on the friendship necklace?), a child or two (fabulous mothers day gift), a boyfriend/lover/husband (hellooo Valentine), even an alter ego for some (yes we went there).

Let’s not forget that important lesson we were taught as children, “sharing is caring” people!

Retail, $200;

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