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In Item of the Day, What's New by Nicole Philip-Kronenberg

Just under 3 weeks till the most adored (and to some most despised) holiday of the year approaches.  A day filled with pretty pinks and romantic reds, rose petals and chocolate…but for some it’s just about chocolate…gallons of it…in the form of ice cream tubs… that are consumed in bed.

We’re not claiming to be the love doctor here, but we think we’ve found the prescription/solution to those suffering from Valentine woes, and it comes in the form of a love potion created by Bing Bang.


Magical metal feathers, leaves, lures and charms, a heart, a locket ready to be filled, and a ring–perhaps to symbolize the one Prince Charming will place on your finger.

Myth has it that once all of these magical elements were mixed together in the witches brew, a stunning necklace appeared. Some believe that it is known to draw Prince Charming-like suitors…others believe it simply serves as a gorgeous necklace to wear while eating your tub of ice cream…

Only you have the power to choose which way this fairy-tale ends.

Retail: $255