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Not to get all nostalgic on ya’ll, but thinking back on all of the items we own, we can’t think of any that are more valuable than our photographs. Pictures are among life’s most valued treasures; they need no words as they speak for themselves.  Like a piece of fine heirloom jewelry, they last through generations and evoke memories of cherished times and people who have crossed through our lives.

With all of that being said, we now live in a digital age where photos are taken more than ever, yet often times these precious snapshots are stored on minuscule memory chips and sadly never make their way to the printer. We luckily found the perfect fashionable solution for those photo lovers out there, one where we not only do you get to print out our most prized possession but actually get to wear it at our side throughout the day. Imagine how happy all of the proud grandparents, animal lovers, or avid picture sharing travelers are going to be when they get to carry their best memories close by their side all day.

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