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We’ve all fallen victim to the elastic hair band on the wrist look—in fact, as we sit here writing this very item there lies drugstore’s finest bracelet on our very own fashionable wrist. You see, it’s just that our daily lives are filled with unexpected events, we never know when the hair is going to need to be thrown up, and if you have hair long enough to get in the way, we’re sure you too can relate.

Which leads us to today’s item Pulleez, a fashionable solution to the elastic hair band created by a former fashion show producer Diana Wright, who sought out a practical and fashion conscious solution to hold up hair. No need to wrap multiple times and tangle hair either, all you have to do is slide hair through elastic once and squeeze Pulleez to achieve desired tightness.  Voila, a hair band we aren’t ashamed to leave on our wrists.

 (**If you’re out frantically running around doing last minute shopping in NYC from Dec. 21 to 23, stop by Henri Bendel’s ponytail bar for a free updo with Pulleez by La Voila Beauty!)

Retail: $16

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