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You’ve all heard of smartphones, now here’s a smart watch. From Casio’s G-Shock brand, it’s the new “Bluetooth Low Energy Smart Watch,” which uses Bluetooth technology to sync with your iPhone. Among the features the watch has: it time syncs with your phone, has alerts for incoming calls and emails, a “Find Me” function in which alarm and vibrations on an iPhone can be activated through buttons on the watch. To silence the vibrations of the alarms, use the tap function. Tap twice on the watch dial and the alarm stops.

And for those of you who misplace your iPhone, the watch will provide a notification when the phone is out of range of the watch, so you won’t forget your phone again. The watch automatically adjusts itself to the correct time zone by using time data from your phone.

Thanks to the low power consumption due to the Bluetooth, the watch’s battery is long lived—about two years assuming that the Bluetooth wireless communication function is used for 12 hours per day.

Suggested retail: $180

Call: 800-836-8580