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We all want good fortune, but why not throw in a little bit of fun in the mix?

Otrera, creators of the Mayan Scarf, often puts evil eyes and hamsa hands into its designs. But this new collaboration with Electric Picks jewelry adds some rock ‘n’ roll attitude as well as some real rock ‘n’ roll paraphernalia into the mix.

Inspired by the “freedom and glamour of rock ‘n’ roll music,” designer Mj Barton created Electric Picks, which captured the attention of the Otrera team. Blending custom or vintage guitar picks, Barton mixes in materials from her global travels (Istanbul, Athens, Morocco, Thailand, Tibet, to name a few). Each bracelet is named after a song.

This Hand of Fate style has some spikes thrown in for true rock ‘n’ roll edge (and possibly to literally ward off evil?).

The Electric Picks collaboration is the first for Otrera, but not the last. It’s all part of the new Pathos division of collaborations.

Retail: $65.


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