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The cold snap hitting the Northern United States reminds us it’s time to dig out all our winter accessories. That is, if you can find them. Don’t you hate all those “old maid” gloves in your wardrobe—those single gloves you amass as you lose or misplace one of your gloves?

Well, Jennifer Kaplan, a fashion savvy social worker from Brooklyn, was so fed up with her collection of old maid gloves, she did something about it. You gotta hand it to her with her solution: Glove-Stays, a simple way to make sure you don’t lose your gloves while pulling out your wallet, or taking them off to use your cell phone.

You won’t lose a glove because the wristlet attached to them keeps them attached to your wrist when you need to be bare handed. After working with Joan Lefkowitz, licensing expert at Accessory Brainstorms, Kaplan inked a deal with Carolina Amato, “the glove queen,” who is producing a range of Glove-Stays in knit ruffled, crochet wool and angora designs.

The line’s motto? “Use them, don’t lose them!”

Suggested retails: $20 to $30. Call 212-768-9095


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