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Just when you thought there weren’t any new ideas in personalized jewelry, designer Heather Moore decides to reach for the stars.

This celestial concept behind her Constellation series depicts diamond-tipped letters or words that evoke star-connected constellations in the night sky.

“I lived away from home during high school and when I was feeling homesick, I used to look up at the sky and seek out the Cassiopeia constellation, which looked like a W for my sister Wendy” says Moore. ” She and I would laugh and say it was my window to talk with her.  Since then, I have always found comfort seeing it in the sky.”

“One of my best friends lives far away, and sometimes when we talk at night from thousands of miles away, we look up at the sky and choose a constellation that we can both see. Just knowing that we are looking at the same star makes us seem closer.”

All Heather Moore designs can be customized in various metals, from sterling silver to white, yellow and rose gold.