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Hickies elastic laces fit any sneaker and stretch to fit any shoe size

Kids get the benefit of Velcro closures on their sneakers but us adults still have to deal with laces that always seem to come untied at the most inopportune moments.

And if you double-knot them, you’ll surely find yourself at airline security with an angry line of people behind you as you struggle to open the knot.

The solution? HICKIES elastic laces.

HICKIES stretch enough to turn your sneakers into slip-ons but hold fast that  they won’t fall off. The one-size-fits-all elastic laces snap into place and adjust to fit any adult or children’s shoe. Plus, memory technology means they always return to their original size and don’t get stretched out.

Available in 10 color combinations, each 14-unit set (7 per sneaker) retails for $19.99.

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