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In French, it’s Beau. In Spanish, Bello. In Germany, they say: Schön. For the Danes, it’s Smuk. If you’re in Moscow, they say: красивый. And on the other side of the world, the Chinese say: 美丽的. But no matter how you say it, it’s still “beautiful.” Jewelry designer Mimi So helps us remember how to say “beautiful” in seven languages—she emblazons them on this pink enamel and vermeil bracelet, her limited edition beautiful bangle. What makes this sentimentally-themed bangle even more beautiful is the other intention behind it: Mimi So will be donating 10% of the purchase of this bracelet toward The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) as part of breast cancer awareness month. Now that’s truly: सुंदर, 美しい, or יפה

Suggested retail: $980; Call: 212-300-8620