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Talk about a classic: Panama hats been hand-woven in Ecuador since the 1600s, historians believe. (Perhaps they should be called “Ecuador hats” but thanks to Teddy Roosevelt donning them during the construction of the Panama Canal, the Panama moniker stuck). But here’s a lovely Lady Panama hat from Paulmann Hats in a cosmetic-like shade of pink that is about as far from T.R. as you can get. Boasting a 5- to 6-inch brim, black band and inner cotton sweat band, this style is appropriate for wear from poolside to party. Like all genuine Panama hats, this one is made from fine “Carludovica Palmata” fibers (weaving time: one week to six months!). As far as historically significant hat styles go, you have to take to your hat off to Panama hats.

Suggested retail: $75; Call: 954-525-3060

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