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When you think about materials commonly used in wristwatches, you tend to think of stainless steel, plastics, silicone or rubber. But husband and team David Gandy and MarQuerite Hamden want you to think about natural materials, minimal waste and recycling in their watch collection, Ecowrist.

They only use natural materials—primarily those found in the Amazon regions of South America to create the cases, faces and straps of their watches. (Only the internal quartz movements from Japan can’t be considered fair trade.)

Take this style, for example. The green leather strap comes from cow hides in the Amazon region. The wood case is made from Macana, a speckled dark wood also from South America. Other natural materials found in Ecowrist watches include teak, red granadillo, bamboo, coconut shell, tagua (an ivory substitute), and cañaflecha, a reed from the Caribbean.

That’s all well and good, but the watches are stylish, too, with a rustic, outdoorsy charm that only gets better as you wear them.

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