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She may not have been “born in a trunk/In the Princess Theatre in Pocatello, Idaho,” as Judy Garland once famously sang, but designer Tenielle Franklin says she holds a fascination with the beauty of vintage French travel trunks. So much so that Franklin was inspired to create an entire jewelry collection, The Hardware Collection, around them. Taking elements found in the trunks, such as locks, traps, studs and handles, she mixes them with softer, feminine elements, such a ribbon, lace, semiprecious stones, crystals, etc., creating a counterbalance between the light and the heavy.

What someone else might overlook, Tenielle sees a treasure. Like this Lock & Handle bracelet for instance, whose chief decorative element is a padlock making it sort of a charm bracelet.

Suggested retail: $200; Call: (360) 836-4355


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