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In Item of the Day, What's New by Nicole Philip-Kronenberg, Accessories Magazine

We live in a high-tech world, and let’s face it– sometimes new technology gets in the way of old fashioned surprises and gestures, i.e. hand-written letters delivered via mailman. There’s something about the anticipation of what lies inside, the papercuts you endure as you tear open of the envelope just to read the contents enclosed inside.  A hidden message—simple concept indeed.

Now, we’re not advocating the end to this ancient art, however we must keep up with the times people! In this fast-paced day people email, tweet, IM, BBM, Skype, Pin, Instagram and now thanks to jeweler Miriam Merenfeld scan their messages of love in an instant. That’s right, scan their love. You know, the square barcode symbol you hold your phone over to scan and reveal information?  Merenfeld has taken the concept of a hidden message and incorporated it into a piece of jewelry—genius!  You can either purchase your QR code necklace with provided messages like “I love you” or “Follow your Dreams”, or you can personalize your own personal message that the recipient receives upon a swift scan (no lag time or paper-cuts involved).

A hidden message that is keeping up with the times. (and not to mention a stylish one that you can wear close to your heart day after day).  Signed, sealed scanned, and delivered.

Retail, $160 to $225;

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