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All ears for hearing about the latest in high-tech fashion? You’ll definitely want to tune into this you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it fashion tech item by Japanese company NeuroSky. The Necomimi cat ears keep you from having to verbally explain how you feel; they do the explaining for you.

Say what?!? How does this work? The wearer’s brainwaves control the movement of the ears. It perks up when you’re alert, droops down when you’re relaxed and wiggles up and down when you are “in the zone.”

Next thing on your mind may be where on earth you would wear these quirky ears. Show it off at a family gathering, with friends, or at a party. It’s an item that has to be brought out spontaneously. Don’t think about it, just wear it. And get ready to be seen and not heard.


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