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Ok, we admit it. Even when our lives depend upon our laptops, tablets and other computers, we sometimes—not often mind you—but have on occasion have accidently dropped them.

But those “Ooops” moments are a lot less gut wrenching thanks to Brenthaven’s Ecco-Prene sleeves (this one is for MacBooks, but they’re available for PCs, too). We like the Honeysuckle pink version, but the beauty of this case is more than skin deep.

Brenthaven, which started out than 30 year ago making backpacks for explorers and adventurers who encountered extreme conditions, knows a thing or two about battling the elements.

Made of  Ecco-prene, a neoprene-like material that is PVC-free, Toluene-free and recyclable, the sleeve boasts 7-millimeter thick walls to protect from scratches, a faux-fur lined computer compartment and a high density foam protection system that shields the computer in up to 1-inch of foam. Even the hardware can withstand 250 pounds of pressure.

Better still this Ecco-prene product is in keeping with Brenthaven’s Zero-Impact-on-our environment policy. Not to mention it’s in keeping with our goal of impact-free laptop prevention.

Retail, $34.95, Call: 360-733-5608;

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